Opera New York Mission Statement                           
Opera New York, Inc. is dedicated to producing unique & innovative
productions of opera, music theater, & concerts that are accessible to
contemporary, widely diversified audiences.

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

Opera New York

Production Team

Artistic Director  -  Judith Fredricks
Managing Director  -  Carol Alexander

Producer - Shannan Fredricks

Music Director - Michael Pilafian

Director of Development - Sonia "Bruffy" Brufman

Our Story
Opera New York, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Judith Fredricks at the
request of  their sponsor, William Reilly, the artistic director of the theater complex at the Borough of Manhattan Community College in Tribeca.   ONY was to fill the theater  with opera, concerts, & musical theater productions that would be accessible to
the communities, schools, & parks of NYC, through their outreach program.  The company consisted of 50 of  NYC's most talented young artists, directors, & musicians.
When funding for the theater complex collapsed, Opera New Yorktemporarily became an opera workshop.   There, classes of all kinds, from acting & voice, to dance & movement for singers, were taught.   Productions were on a smaller scale, but continued to be done.  
The Academy for thePerforming Artist grew out of this, as a division of Opera NY, training opera & music theater singers.   Intensives & workshops continue, with a faculty of the finest teachers in the Performing Arts, with Master Classes being  taught by Performing Arts Professionals from all aspects of the performing arts,
broadening their scope of learning.   The Academy has also given Intensives in
Las Vegas, & Carlsbad, CA.   Classes continue to be taught in both places.  The Hudson River Park Conservancy of  New York, under Arnie Abramowitz, became the next supporting organization, helping to develop concerts for the piers & parks of New York City.   The Four Divas concerts were produced as well as many other cross-over concerts, many of which toured Germany, Norway, Austria, Italy, & Sweden for 5 years.  Ten years ago Opera New York established The Writers Stage, a venue for developing new operas & music theater works.   We are at present, planning to revive one of our most successful productions, "Tales from the Manhattan Woods"  which originally ran off-Broadway for 10 weeks.   It was directed by ONY Artistic Director Judith Fredricks & received

enthusiastic reviews.  Its counterpart, also written by Mr. Stroppel, was at the request of Placido Domingo after hearing of our success with this production.   "The Tales of the Holly Woods", is on LA Opera’s “to do” list, according to Mr.Domingo.   The Writers Stage, under Opera New York, is now planning a similar deconstruction of  Donizetti’s comic opera, "Don Pasquale."